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Forevertale Co., Ltd.
English name: Forevertail Co., Ltd.


Representative Director Ryota Nagao


May 2014


5,000,000 yen


Nakano-ku Arai 1-chome 12-12 Modelia Colors Nakano 3F C11

contact address

Please contact us here.

Business content

Planning, production, sales and management of educational content
Internal control, accounting, risk management consulting

Greetings from the person in charge of development

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Forevertale Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Ryota Nagao

  • After graduating from Waseda University School of Commerce, after working as a PwC consultant, gained experience in auditing at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Tokyo Office and Deloitte Hong Kong Office.

  • After retiring from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in 2014, he assumed his current position.

  • Passed the U.S. CPA Examination (Maine Licensed 2007-2015)

  • Passed the Certified Internal Auditor Examination

I learned accounting for the first time when I was a freshman in college. However, at that time, I was freed from studying for exams and wanted to have fun, and for some reason the teacher was a foreigner and the intonation was subtle, so I couldn't understand the content at all (it's a complete excuse...). I was so frustrated with my initial studies that I decided I would never get an accounting job.


However, I reluctantly obtained Level 2 bookkeeping for job hunting and realized the fun of accounting.


It's really a waste to stop learning by stumbling on the first step. Because there is a world that spreads after that.


From this experience, I wanted to eliminate the first stumbling block for beginners, so I was involved in everything from planning to development and created Accounting Quest.


Our goal is to create the world's most enjoyable app for learning the basics of accounting!


Accounting can be complicated, but I made an app so that you don't have to be enthusiastic about "I'm going to study!" Please take the first step in accounting with the accounting quest.

Everyone who cooperated in development


App development

Representative Director Kenji Takahashi
Development consignment manager

Ouka Ichimon Co., Ltd.


script update

Kohei Yamaguchi

After working as a composition writer, he is currently writing mainly live-action videos and manga video scripts.


accounting advice

Hayato Kameyama

Worked at a foreign pharmaceutical company after working as a US investment bank accountant and an audit firm

Certified Public Accountant, XX State, USA


App development

Masami Kuroki
Drama/animation chief



main male voice actor

Mr. Keno Ninosaka

Adolescents, middle-aged and old people- Net voice actors who manipulate seven voices, from hot-blooded heroes to diabolical villains


Subsidy application advice
accounting advice

Akira Sakata

Established Akira Sakata Certified Public Accountant Office after working at an audit firm. Certified Public Accountant, Washington State Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant


App development

App development support 


Female main voice actor

Otoka Nara

Active in Youtube and TicTock advertising narration, manga, games, voice guidance for apps, etc.


Company Profile

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